Nef & Co, with you . Designing for you .

At Nef & Co you will find the garment that you like the most and we will tailor it for you. 

How? With the advice and advice of our dressmakers.

We have created WhatsApp Business, where you will be in contact with us whenever you need us. 

Nef & Co offers you an online dressmaker, without tests, in the privacy of your home, advising and helping you to select your piece.

At Nef & Co we adapt to you, to your constitution, you have the right to dress freely and to enjoy the FASHION

We bet on timeless and genderless fashion

The creation of a design is born from an idea

Nef & Co, was created as a result of an idea, just like a design. It was the combination of a series of factors that made us realize that we had the possibility to dress all kinds of people without distinction, and for that we are proud. 

Leading our team is Pau Nef, a young designer, but not lacking in experience, coming from a family of designers and dressmakers with more than 30 years of experience, he has grown up between buttons and seams.

Pattern creation

Once the design of the garment has been chosen, we proceed to make the pattern and cut it. 

To your measure

We also carry standard sizes, but our main focus is for people who want to wear their garments tailored to them. 

That is why at Nef & Co we offer the WhatsApp Business service, where you can interact directly with our dressmakers. 

Creation of the garment

At Nef & Co we work with top quality and 100% handmade fabrics. Elaboration made in Spain

When it comes to getting the perfect garment, we don't just focus on business criteria, we believe we can make a difference in the fashion industry, so that everyone can wear the garments they want. 

Our external dressmakers with a great professional trajectory will create the perfect garment with your exact measurements, so that you feel satisfied and proud to wear Nef & Co


We adopt an inclusive approach to give our clients the confidence of being who they want to be, that is why we bet on a trend that seeks that men and women can have the freedom to dress in whatever garment they want to wear. 

We believe that cultural, physical and individual differences should be celebrated. 

That is why we bet on genderless fashion


Nef & Co, is committed to the environment, that is why all our shipments will be made in a recycled or biodegradable paper bag, 

We believe that together we can achieve a more ecological and sustainable world since economic growth and environmental protection they can and should go hand in hand. 

Climate change is a terrible problem and it needs to be solved, if we don't take care of our environment, it will turn against us. 

Our team

Nef & Co, is made up of a team of fashion professionals and collaborators; At the head is Pau Nef, as creator and designer. 

Some of our collaborators are: 

Fina in dressmaking, Jesús in photography and graphic design, Ana in image consulting and Lydia MD in social networks