Pau Nef

Creative designer 

Welcome to my page, I am Pau Nef Martínez, creative designer, born in La Bisbal del Penedés, I am 19 years old and now I live in Picamoixons, Valls, (Tarragona) where I have my business domiciled, I have grown up between seams, my grandmother and my mother are They have dedicated their whole lives to fashion, to create a spectacular dress from a piece of cloth, that is why my passion is creative design, fashion, photography and cinema. I am currently studying cinematography. I started this project because I love the world of creative fashion and because I think there was a void in the world of fashion with regard to custom clothing, it is very annoying to have to travel several times to the store to be taken measurements, etc. I have created Nef & Co to avoid those annoyances by putting WhatsApp Business at your disposal, where you will be in contact with our dressmakers whenever you need it, to help you choose your garment, take your exact measurement, etc. You deserve to dress fashionably and exclusively, I will be happy to help you: /. 

 Nef & Co/