Size chart 

Your exact size 

Taking stockings 

You only need a tape measure that you can buy in haberdashery. 

For more information or doubts that may arise, you can consult the YouTube channel, INTERÉS POR LA COSTURA, the tutorial: Aprende a tomarte tus medidas clicking here.

  1. neck contour
  2. chest contour
  3. waist contour
  4. hip contour
  5. thigh contour
  6. ankle contour
  7. arm outline
  8. wrist outline
  9. length from shoulder to waist
  10. length from waist to knee
  11. length from waist to floor
  12. length from shoulder to elbow
  13. length from shoulder to wrist

*outline; The tape measure should surround the part to be measured.

Form with your measurements, in the basket you will find a form to fill out, once filled in with your exact measurements, click on send. Thanks