History of a sewing machine


Hello everyone, I will introduce myself I am a Singer sewing machine, (I am the one in the photo) I was named after my creator Isaac Merritt Singer. And this that I am going to tell you is my story. The first of my older sisters was manufactured by Isaac Merritt Singer and was patented in 1851. Few machines have been as treasured in the homes of the world, passed down from generation to generation, evoking memories and inspiring dreams as my older sisters and I, and moreover We are the best-selling sewing machines in history, but let's not deviate from the matter, my story is this:

I don't remember the exact date of when I was born but, in 1954, in Barcelona a seamstress who had just come from a town in Granada bought me, I was already a few years old.

I suppose that my story begins on the day of my manufacture, but as I already mentioned I do not remember the date, anyway the most important part is how that emigrant dressmaker with only 20 years of age, gave me life. Together we create many garments for both men, women and children.

I witnessed how this very young woman made her way into the world of fashion, in a very difficult time, since Spain was recovering from a civil war and had been left in a dictatorship.

I remember that when she sewed she always sang, there was a beautiful song that spoke of a dressmaker, who falls in love with a gentleman who cheats on her.

Other times while we were sewing any garment, I turned on the radio and we listened to the radio soap opera or Elena Francis' office, these were difficult times but I was happy to be useful to my dressmaker.

My dressmaker, she who took care of me and sang has already died, 15 years ago, I miss her a lot; but I passed your daughter and I'm still here.

I do not know what fate has in store for me, perhaps I will end up in oblivion, since her daughter has no one to follow in her footsteps. 

But the lived story is well worth it, those moments that I spend with my dressmaker and later with her daughter, will always be kept in a heart.

And now they are written for whoever wants to read it.

 Thank you all. 

A sewing machine.